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Schlesinger Companies

3530 NW St. Helens

St. Helens, Oregon

Schlesinger Companies purchased the industrial property located at 3530 NW St. Helens Road in Portland, Oregon on September 29, 2017. The property includes a 26,200 square foot building with a mix of office and warehouse space.

Schlesinger Companies is excited to partner with one of the tenants, Nossa Familia Coffee, on this project. Founder Augusto Carneiro said “With growth comes certain challenges, and acquiring a building for our expansion was extremely difficult and would not have been possible without the win-win joint venture with Schlesinger Companies.” The acquisition showcased Schlesinger Companies’ ability to quickly develop a tailored and medium term capital solution for an emerging Portland company in need of real estate expertise.

The property is located within the Guild’s Lake Industrial Sanctuary which was established in 2001. The neighborhood is served by Highway 30, Interstate 405, three railroads, and bus service. Primary uses of the area are manufacturing and distribution.



Schlesinger Companies

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610 SW Alder, Suite 1221
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