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Schlesinger Companies

Creative Office Space

By collaborating with forward thinking tenants, designers, and contractors, Schlesinger Companies has been an early adopter of “creative office space” which fosters work-related creativity and embraces innovation in the physical work place environment. While there are many definitions of creative space, Schlesinger Companies works with existing and potential tenants to embrace more open floor plans that feature industrial elements such as exposed ductwork, brick walls, and concrete floors to encourage collaboration and inspired thinking. Some examples of our work:

  • 2016 – EMC Research
  • 2016 – Bonsai Design
  • 2016 - Textwise
  • 2014 - 5D Construction
  • 2013 - Action Sprout
  • 2012 - Mortenson Construction
  • 2011 - ICF International: won Daily Journal of Commerce 2nd Place “Project of the Year.”

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Schlesinger Companies

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